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General information for salespeople

The Pet Doctors clinics receive a lot of calls and emails from salespeople wishing to tell us about their goods and services.

To ensure that the clinic staff provide the best attention to our customers and their pets, please direct all sales-oriented communication to the Group Head Office at the address at the bottom of this page - in the first instance this must always be in writing; please do not call any of the clinics as the staff in the clinics are separate from the HQ team.

Please do not use the contacts form or Webmaster's email address to send unsolicited commercial email. Such emails will not reach the right person and may be filtered by our junk mail scanners. Persistent offenders will have their mail domain blacklisted.

You may also find the notes below useful:

The following are now dealt with by CVS (UK) Limited:

  • Phone systems
  • Mobile phones
  • IT systems
  • Printers and photocopies
  • Office supplies and Stationery including printer consumables - are purchased from a supplier for which we have a negotiated contract.
  • Gas & electricity supplies
  • Medical equipment and services
  • Management of the content and design of our website

We have our own in-house marketing department.