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A Greater Challenge

Paul PollardPaul Pollard, MRCVS, Clinical Director and Veterinary Surgeon, Pet Doctors Animal Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight

"I graduated in 1990 and over the years I have worked at various jobs and sectors within the veterinary profession. This has earned me the title of "an experienced veterinary surgeon" and has given me the qualities that are required of a clinical director.  Working in some good practices and some bad ones has taught me much about managing Vets, nurses and practices in general.

I did not make the decision to leave my last job lightly but I needed a new challenge, one where I could put all my previous years’ experience to good use and a job where my opinions would be respected, valued and would make a difference. I wanted a job that would thank me for my input, on a personal level and also on a professional level with a good financial package.
Ideally I wanted to be my own boss but without the risks involved in the current economic climate, and with support and ideas that would help me make the business a success. A clinical director post at Pet Doctors ticked all the boxes without any of the risk.

I manage 10 Vets, a hospital and 3 other clinics. I work at what I love, being a Vet, and I get to make decisions that help improve the working conditions of my team so we can provide quality veterinary care to our clients. I have the complete support of Pet Doctors and  feel I make a positive contribution to the company and am appreciated for doing this."