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  • FleaDid you know that an animal can die from a serious infestation of fleas if it is not treated?
  • Did you know that a single flea can lay up to 2000 eggs?
  • Although the problem of fleas lives with us all year round, the summer months are the worst.
  • When a flea lives on an animal it feeds by sucking the animal’s blood.
  • Fleas can multiply at an incredible rate and a serious infestation can make an animal anaemic and weak.
  • Fleas can cause skin problems for your pets and can also act as carriers of other diseases.
  • Very often owners are unaware that their pet has a problem until members of the family start suffering from flea bites.

Most pet owners are unaware that only 5% of fleas live as adults on their pets; 50% live as eggs waiting to hatch; 35% live as larvae in carpets and furnishings and 10% live as pupae in the home.

Your vet will be happy to advise on an appropriate flea treatment for your pet and will show you how to administer it and how often.

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