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Cat outsideThe summer also increases the problem of ticks. 

When female ticks are breeding they need to attach onto a warm-blooded host to take a blood meal before laying their eggs.  They climb up vegetation and wait for a passing host to attach to and bury their mouthparts beneath the skin in order to feed. 

Ticks are generally noticed after feeding, because their body swells considerably.  After attaching they will detach and fall off within 48-72 hours, of their own accord. 

You can get tick removers from your vet. 

Do not try and pull the tick off as you will almost certainly leave the mouthparts in the skin and risk an abscess forming.  Some of the prescription only flea medications are effective against ticks.  Woodland and grassland areas are the ideal environments to find ticks.

The veterinary nurses at your local clinic will be able to advise you on tick control and show you how to correctly move a tick.


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