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Biting Kitten

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Q.    My new kitten bites me when we play together. Now that he is getting bigger, these bites are becoming more painful.  Anything I can do?

A.    Kittens usually  play pretty rough amongst themselves.

However, this can develop into inappropriate play such as you describe. It is seen more commonly in cats who were orphaned and hand-reared, those who lack a bit of parental guidance, or those who have been encouraged by their owners to chase them from an early age.  You must not encourage him any further. 

As soon as the undesirable behaviour starts, stop playing with him and ignore him completely.  When he has calmed down, then you can initiate play again, but very gently and speak in a soft voice. 

The surest way to exacerbate the situation is to be aggressive back – and you certainly won’t win! 

Other factors which you may need to consider include the other opportunities that the cat has for play ie is his environment stimulating enough.

Finally, castration may dampen down his aggressive behaviour.

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