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Cat bite

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Q. Can I, or my cat, catch anything horrible from a cat bite?  The local tom has been picking on my cat recently and I am getting a bit concerned.

A. Cats' mouths harbour millions upon millions of bacteria. The trouble is, if you get bitten, the wounds tend to be deep punctures that can reach down into the muscles causing a great deal of pain. 

It has been found that 80% of all cat bites become infected, so if you were bitten, there's a strong possibility it will get infected and you should see a doctor for treatment promptly, rather than waiting until infection has set in.

Likewise, if your cat gets bitten by another cat, you should have this checked by a vet. Left unattended, this could result in a nasty abscess. These can cause your cat to go off his food and become extremely lethargic. Some abscesses can respond to a course of antibiotics but others require lancing and cleaning, performed under a general anaesthetic.

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