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Cats and dried food

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Q.    I have heard that dry food can cause bladder problems in cats.  Is this true?

A.    Over the last few years, the whole area of nutrition has progressed hugely, with modern diets being designed specifically for different ages and for different medical conditions. Interestingly, diets specifically for cats with bladder problems are available in dried forms.

Dry diets do not specifically cause bladder problems but certain cats are genetically prone to bladder problems and certain diets (either wet or dry) can exacerbate the problems.  In these cats, special diets will be required to stop the bladder problems recurring.

Your vet will be able to give you advice on the most suitable diet for your cat.  

Remember though dry diets contain less water, so the volume you need to feed is less than for a tinned food. This is important because obesity is a big trigger factor for bladder problems, as is lack of exercise; so if your cat is a couch potato try to encourage it to play.

Remember dry foods also have the added benefits of reducing plaque build-up on teeth and are cheaper to feed.

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