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Cats, Catteries and Vaccinations

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Q.      Is it true that catteries only take in cats that have been vaccinated? I want to board my five year old cat early in the New Year.  He is very healthy and hasn’t seen his vet for the last 4 years.

A.      If catteries admitted unvaccinated cats, due to many animals being housed close together, they would run the risk of rapidly ending up with an epidemic of the cat ‘flu’ virus.   Contracting cat ‘flu’ can lead to more serious problems such as pneumonia and cats, once infected, can carry and transfer the virus to others.  Your cat will need to start a vaccination course now.  Your vet will give him a full health check monitoring his weight, eyes, ears, palpating his abdomen, listening to his heart and lungs and discussing a worming and flea treatment schedule.

Prior to boarding it is wise to pre-treat your cat with a flea treatment. 

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