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Lump on cat's tummy

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Q.     I’ve recently discovered a “lump” on my cat’s tummy.  She seems fine in herself.  Should I do anything about it?

A.     The answer is always “yes”.  You should get this lump examined by your vet as soon as possible to make sure it is nothing to worry about.

If your vet is concerned, he/she will check its size, shape, position and degree to which it penetrates surrounding tissues.

Dependent on the appearance of the lump he/she may take some cells from the lump for examination (this can be done with a syringe), or remove it if the lump appears more invasive.  Measuring it now will give an indication of its rate of growth over the next few months.

The vet will also want to examine local lymph nodes and listen to your cat’s chest to check for any evidence that the lump has spread.  Your vet will also be able to rule out other causes of a “lump” such as abscesses or hematoma (a blood blister).

If this is a mammary tissue mass, these are far more likely to be malignant in cats than in dogs so it is wise to get your cat checked over.

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