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Q. Our dog loves to swim and will do so at every opportunity,  Should I be aware of any problems associated with swimming?

A. Providing your dog is in good health and spends sensible amounts of time in the water, it will be good exercise for him as it is quite an intense form of exercise for a dog.  

Just be wary not to allow him to swim anywhere where there is a strong current or where he could get out of his depth, which would make him panic.  

Avoid stagnant ponds as the algae that can build up can be toxic to dogs and make sure the water your dog is swimming in is safe.  We have seen cases of dogs that have got cut on rubbish and shopping trolleys under the water.  

Bear in mind that when swimming, water can get into dogs’ ears and is a risk factor for developing ear infections.  If your dog has ear problems, you may need to restrict his swimming but your vet can advise you on this.


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