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Epileptic fits

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Q.    My 18 month old German Shepherd had an epileptic fit last month.  Could it happen again?

A.    Epilepsy is a common condition amongst dogs, especially German Shepherd dogs. Always seek veterinary advice as soon as possible, because the condition can be fatal. Whilst there are many causes of epilepsy, in young dogs it’s often impossible to determine a specific cause. However your vet will be able to advise you following a full examination and any necessary testing.  It’s impossible to say whether your dog will have further seizures. Treatment is available, but because of side effects is usually only started after a severe seizure or a cluster of seizures. Don’t be disheartened, because with careful monitoring most young dogs stabilise well, avoid side effects and lead a totally normal life.

You may also find it helpful to get in touch with the Canine Epilepsy Support Group.

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