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Haematoma in my dogs ear

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Q. My mother's dog is suffering with a haematoma to her ear.  What is this, can it be cured and is it contagious?

A. A haematoma is like a bruise or a blood blister, where a small amount of blood collects, in this case within the earflap. It is not contagious and it can certainly be cured by your vet.

A haematoma usually forms when there has been trauma to the ear, or following head shaking (e.g. with a foreign body or an ear infection). This causes bleeding of the main artery within the earflap and collection of a small amount of blood between the skin surface and the cartilage of the earflap.  The blood can often be drained using a needle and syringe, though in around 50% of cases they reform.

If they reform they can be drained surgically and the potential space closed by placing sutures between the inner and outer skin surfaces of the earflap. If the cause of the haematoma is diagnosed this must also be treated by your vet.

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