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Preventing Ear Mites

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Q. What is the best way of preventing my dog getting ear mites?

A. The best way to prevent your dog getting ear mites is regular cleaning with a veterinary ear cleanser from your veterinary surgery.  

Unfortunately, even clean ears can pick up mites and in those cases, a mite killing ear preparation from your vet will be required. These preparations are prescription only and are only used to kill the mites once there, rather than to prevent them.  

Ear mites are usually more common in puppies and kittens.

Bear in mind that if you have a few dogs and cats it is wisest to treat them all otherwise one will act as a reservoir of infection.  

Mites often cause dogs and cats to have a lot of earwax discharge and they encourage secondary fungal and bacterial ear infections, which may need additional treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.


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