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Six Monthly Healthchecks


Q.  Every year I take my dogs to the vet for their annual vaccinations.  On the advice of her vet, my friend takes her dog for a six monthly healthcheck too.  Should I be doing the same?  My pets all seem perfectly healthy.

A. A year is the equivalent of five to eight years in human life terms so we believe it is really important to bring your pet for an examination more than just once a year.

Health-checks are vital to pick up on health problems early. They are a great opportunity to talk about health issues in general including flea and worm control, dentistry and weight. It is also the perfect time for us to look at any lumps and bumps, and to discuss any apparent changes, however minor, such as stiffness in the morning, coughing or slowing down on walks. Such symptoms may seem mild but can indicate an underlying problem that can be tackled effectively with early care.

When you come in for your appointment, at Pet Doctors we recommend that you bring in a urine sample from your pet as we can perform a simple screening test for to look for diabetes (an increasing problem in UK pets) and early kidney or urinary tract disease.

We also offer all pets a Wellness Screen Blood Test to help identify any kidney, liver or anaemia type problems. This test is especially advised for older pets or any pets on long term medication for arthritis, heart, kidney or thyroid problems.

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