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Tortoises and Microchipping

dreamstime xs 22877992Q.     Would you recommend microchipping a tortoise? I’ve heard some rumours about it causing lameness when the chip is in place.

A.     Microchipping tortoises and other animals including dogs, cats and birds are to be recommended.

The vet placing the chip in a tortoise will have to carefully disinfect the area of the left hind leg to prevent any possibility of infection under the skin caused by bacteria that are normally on the surface.  Some tissue glue is often used to close the injection site where the chip is inserted by needle.  Lameness can occur for a short time in occasional cases but settles within a few hours.

If your tortoise escapes and is found, if he is microchipped he is much more likely to get back to you and microchipping also serves as a method of proving he is yours if he is stolen. 


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