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Exotic Pets - Things to Consider

dreamstimeweb 83689Firstly, remember that many species are illegal in the UK, either because they are dangerous to people or endangered in the wild.
Please only buy from reputable dealers in exotic pets as sadly thousands of illegally imported exotics die on the journey into this country.

Do your research before you buy!

  • Does your lizard require a vivarium?
  • What temperature should it be at?
  • What about humidity?
  • Is the lizard you want to buy an insectivore or herbivore?
  • It is also worth remembering some species of reptile will outlive you!
  • Reptiles can harbour diseases such as salmonella.
  • dreamstime s 7399230Some pythons can grow to over 6 feet in length
  • Tarantulas have tiny hairs in their legs that are highly irritating to skin and eyes.
  • Remember that exotic pets rarely like to be cuddled!
  • If you want to get more than one type of exotic, again do your research.
  • Many species prefer a solitary environment whereas others can be kept in pairs.

Your local vet may be able to do a general health check on an exotic pet but please bear in mind that any health problems it may have will need to be treated by a specialist.

Exotic specialists can be expensive and may not be close to where you live.

For further information you might like to look at these websites: - The International Herpetological Society - The British Chelonia Group - British Tarantula Society.

Good luck!

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