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155 300 kid-and-rabbitThese days the veterinary treatment available for rabbits is almost the same as that for cats and will help to ensure that your rabbit lives a longer and healthier life.

The Basic Things Your Rabbit Will Need

  • Hutch
  • Hay
  • Water bottle
  • Bowl
  • Food!
  • Enclosed run

Caring For Your Rabbit

Every year your rabbit should:

  • Visit the vet twice a year for a check up to make sure your rabbit is fit and healthy.
  • Visit the vet once a year, to have a vaccination.  These vaccinations protect your rabbit from nasty diseases that would make your rabbit very poorly or even die.  The vet will usually give your rabbit this injection at the same time as the check up.
  • Have his/her teeth checked by the vet to make sure they are clean, strong and healthy.  Rabbits' teeth grow continually.

Every day your rabbit should:

  • Be fed healthy food every day.  Ideally, rabbits should be fed mainly in hay, or grass in the summer, and a small amount of pellet food to ensure they get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.  Small amounts of fresh food can also be added.  The vet can tell you about the best food to feed your rabbit to help keep your rabbit fit and healthy and to keep your rabbit’s teeth and coat in good condition.
  • dreamstime 4552345Have fresh water.
  • Have some exercise.
  • Have his/her hutch cleaned daily, especially in the summer.   A dirty hutch can attract flies which can give your rabbit a nasty disease called "Flystrike" from which your rabbit can die.

And there's more!

  • To help stop your rabbit from getting lost, the vet can give your rabbit a “microchip”.  If your rabbit does escape and get lost, the microchip will have your details on so that your rabbit can be returned to you.
  • If your rabbit is ever unwell, or if you would like to know more about looking after your rabbit, contact your local vet who will be pleased to help you.
  • Don't forget to play with your rabbit and most of all, give your rabbit lots of love!

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