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Rabbit with Runny Eyes

dreamstime 3030296Q.    My rabbit has very runny eyes.  What can I do?

A.    The most common cause of tear overflow is conjunctivitis.  This can be caused by an allergic response to hay or straw or may be a response to a bacterial infection.  A veterinary surgeon can provide antibiotic eye drops as appropriate. 

Excess tears may be caused by blockage of the tear duct which may require an anaesthetic in order to flush the duct clear so tears can drain from the eye.

Abnormalities of the tooth roots may also cause blockage of this duct.  Inflammation, ulceration or infection of the eye may cause excess tears, as may enlargement or tumours of the third eyelid.  Your vet may wish to take a swab from the eye and examine the eye with an opthalmoscope – neither will cause your rabbit any pain, just a little discomfort.


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