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Sneezing Rabbit

dreamstime 7304061Q.    I have just bought a 9 week old dwarf lop-eared rabbit.  She is sneezing a little and her nose is a bit wet. What should I do?

A.    The first thing you should do is make an appointment for your rabbit to be seen by your vet.  Rabbits are very prone to respiratory disease, usually caused by a strain of bacteria.

The most common sign is a nasal discharge – an alternative name for the illness is, in fact, snuffles – and affected rabbits will sneeze. Secretions can often be seen on the nose, but due to fastidious grooming, may not always be the case.  However, as they wipe their face with their front paws you will often find wet, sticky secretions on the inside of their front legs.

It is essential that your rabbit is seen by your vet and that treatment is started promptly, as even an apparently mild infection can lead to severe lifelong problems with pneumonia.

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