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Teeth Causing Pain

small rabbitQ.    My rabbit’s teeth appear to be causing her some discomfort.  She looks as though she is in pain when she eats. What should I do?

A.    Dental problems are unfortunately quite common in rabbits – especially the dwarf breeds.

They most commonly occur when the upper and lower teeth do not engage with each other accurately.  In such circumstances hooks appear on the molar teeth, which can cause ulceration of the tongue or cheeks.  If the incisor teeth do not align they overgrow.

In any circumstance your rabbit will need a visit to a vet in order to examine inside her mouth.   This may well involve the need for an anaesthetic to enable her molar to be trimmed.   Because the teeth do not align well this procedure may have to be repeated every month to 3 months.  There are other possible causes including infection of the tooth roots, which the vet will also examine for.  

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