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Dietary Advice

  • 201 300 pet-rabbitsAlways feed your rabbit a high fibre food made up of nutritionally balanced nuggets, such as Burgess Supa Rabbit Excel.  This helps to make sure that your rabbit is getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals, and chewing the nuggets also helps keep the teeth ground down.
  • Plenty of forage (grass and hay) in the diet is crucial.  Many owners think that hay is simply for sleeping on, but it should form the bulk of your rabbit’s diet.  Put your rabbit out to grass whenever possible, but also feed plenty of forage bought from your vet or local pet store.  Always make sure that the forage you buy is “dust extracted” as dust can cause irritation to rabbits’ eyes and respiratory tract.
  • The staff at your veterinary clinic can explain how much forage your rabbit should be given, alongside nuggets, healthy snacks and fresh fruit and vegetables.

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