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10 Facts You Never Knew About Ferrets

The following facts are taken from a survey carried out by the Ferret Education & Research Trust (FERT) and pet food manufacturers James Wellbeloved in November 2009:
  • Over 25% of Britain's ferrets live the south east, compared to just 12 per cent in the north west. 
  • 61% of ferret owners are female. 
  • 67% of ferret owners are married or living with a partner. 
  • A single ferret is a lonely ferret - 88% of owners have at least two. 
  • Almost half of owners have acquired their ferret in the last five years. 
  • Ferrets no longer work for their living - only one in five ferrets is in employment. 
  • In terms of colouring, the sable, or polecat is the most popular (78%), followed by albino (57%), sandy (43%), silver (27%), dark eyed white (14%). 
  • Most ferrets are fed on special dried food, sometimes combined with fresh meat (survey sponsors James Wellbeloved Complete Ferret Food is used by 85% of respondents). 
  • Just over half of ferret owners take their pet to the vets for a regular check-up, but that still leaves 40% of owners who don't bother at all. 
  • And finally - 21% of male ferrets have had a vasectomy. 
Posted by Arlo Guthrie at What's New In The Veterinary Profession 



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