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Giving your Dog a Tablet

  • Dog pantingHave your dog sit at your side.
  • Place one hand on the dog’s upper jaw and press its lips gently against the sides of its teeth with your fingers.
  • With your other hand, pull the lower jaw down and place the tablet on the base of your dog’s tongue, far back in the mouth.
  • Close the dog’s mouth, return its head to normal position, and encourage it to swallow by blowing very gently on its nose or massaging its throat.  

Making It Easier

Some animals will be more willing to take a tablet if it is wrapped inside one of the commercially available soft treats.  They will be enjoying the tasty treat too much to notice that they have also eaten the tablet!

When hiding tablets in food, do not give your dog its whole meal. If it is meal time your dog will be hungry enough that if you put a small amount of their food down with the tablet they will scoff it down and not notice the tablet and you will know they have eaten the whole tablet.  It is best not to hover over your dog too much either or he/she will sense something is going on so it is best to walk out of the room for 10mins.

Once it is gone give your dog the rest of his/her food. Hiding a small tablet in a big bowl of food makes it very hard to know if your dog has eaten it or not.


You must be sure that your pet has swallowed the tablet or medicine, as some pets will appear to have eaten something only to spit it out when you are not looking.

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