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How to Shampoo your Dog

•    It’s not a good idea to bath your dog too often as it will dry out the skin, deplete healthy oils from the coat and skin and this could lead to scratching and irritation. Frequency is largely dependent on the bread and activities of your dog.

•    Before the bath brush the coat thoroughly and remove all tangles and mats, which you won’t be able to unsnarl when the fur is wet.

•    You’ll get wet so wear old comfortable clothes!

•    Select the correct shampoo for the dog’s skin type to ensure the hair is cleaned and conditioned in the correct way - using the incorrect shampoo could have an adverse affect.  Your vet or vet nurse can advise on a suitable shampoo for your dog.

•    Gently place a cotton wool ball at the top of the ear canals to prevent any water/shampoo going down. Make sure its large enough that is doesn’t get caught in the ear canal.

•    Thoroughly wet coat and skin surface with clean luke warm water. Being careful not to wet directly over their heads.

•    Apply shampoo to several points along the neck and back.

•    Gently massage into coat and skin using sufficient shampoo to create a good lather. For a long haired dog massage the coat in the direction of the hair growth to avoid tangles.

•    Take care around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth (have a damp flannel ready to help remove any shampoo)

•    Work the suds in with your fingers or sponge, cup your hand over theses sensitive areas.

•    Work the suds down the back and neck, under the tail, the underside, legs and all around the paws.

•    Thoroughly rinse the skin with clean lukewarm water.

•    Remember you can reward good behaviour by giving your dog a few treats during the bath.

•    Squeeze excess water from the tail and paws and let them help you by allowing them to shake themselves.

•    Thoroughly dry with a towel. Avoid heaving rubbing in long haired dogs as this can tangle fur, blot instead.

•    Remove cotton wool from ears and towel out remaining moisture.

•    Comb through long haired dogs.

•    Allow the coat to dry naturally in a warm environment - DO NOT leave the dog in the cold when wet.

NOTE: Human shampoos should never be used as they are far too acidic for an animal’s skin.

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