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First Aid Kit for Pets

Dog and catIt’s always a good idea to have a pets’ first aid kit in a handy place in the car or back home.  Just a few simple things, such as bandages, bottled water and your vet’s phone number can be very helpful in an emergency.

Cuts & Bites

Probably the most common injury is a cut or bite wound. Cuts often look worse than they are so don’t panic.  If the wound is bleeding a lot then use bandages to put pressure on the area to stop the bleeding, otherwise use a dilute antiseptic or clean water to flush the wound and then keep it covered until you can get is assessed by a vet.

Bites tend to be worse than they look.  Many bites are puncture wounds that are not much to look at but bacteria from the teeth are often deposited deep in the bite and cause infections and often abscesses. Prompt treatment including antibiotics is required in these cases.

Animals tend to put everything in their mouths from insects to plants. Wasp stings can often result in an allergic reaction causing swelling. Obviously the sting or reaction needs to be assessed by a vet and often an anti-inflammatory injection is required. Some plants can be toxic. If your pet has eaten a poisonous plant it is useful to try and take a sample of the plant to your vet.

Diabetic Pets

People with diabetic animals should always have some liquid glucose, honey or sugared water readily available just in case their pet’s blood sugar level drops and they need to have sugar in an emergency to prevent the animal going into a coma.

Eating the Wrong Thing

Providing you are certain that your pet has eaten something bad, bicarbonate crystals are useful as if force-fed straightaway; they will quickly make your pet vomit.  You should then get your pet examined by a vet immediately.

Whilst all of the above are wise precautions to take, it is always in the best interests of your pet to have it examined by a vet if you are at all concerned about it’s health and well-being.

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