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Hot Weather Tips for your Pets

  • Dog in sunglasses 2DON'T leave your pets in your car on hot or sunny days, even for a short while.  Cars heat up rapidly, even with a window open, and animals could be cooked alive very quickly.  Remember that conservatories, greenhouses and caravans can also heat up quickly.


  • Don't forget the sun cream!  Just like us, pets can get sunburnt too.  Pets with fine, light or white hair are prone to sunburn.  They should have these areas, particularly noses and ears protected with sunblock as they are prone to developing a malignant cancer in these areas.  Your vet can give advice on suitable sun creams that are safe to use on pets.


  • Your pets should be provided with plenty of shade.  If your pet gets too hot and starts to pant rapidly or collapses, put your pet in a cool area and gently spray with cool water or wet towels.  If you are at all concerned about your pet, contact your vet immediately.


  • Watch out for fleas, ticks and mites!  Check your pets regularly.  Your vet will be able to advise you on the best flea treatment for your pet.  And don't forget to treat your house too.


  • Dog in sunglassesDon't forget to check your rabbit for signs of flystrike.  This can be fatal.  Make sure the hutch is kept clean and bedding changed regularly.  Find out more about flystrike here.


  • Help to keep your dogs cool by walking them early in the morning when it is cooler and if you take them out during the day, make sure you take some water for them too.


  • Keep fish tanks  and bird cages out of direct sunlight and keep fish tanks clear of algae.


  • Ensure your pet always has access to plenty of fresh drinking water and don't forget to regularly change the water bottles of caged pets.


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