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Travel and Storage Tips for Pet Medication

Travelling dogMake sure you pack pet medication safely.

Take enough medication with you when travelling and a little extra in case of accidents.

  • Keep medicine cool and out of the sun – don’t leave it on a window ledge or exposed to sunlight.
  • Medicine should be kept below 25oC.
  • Take your vet’s telephone number with you.
  • Read the storage instructions:  some medicines may need refrigeration such as insulin, whereas some tablets need to be kept sealed and in dry conditions.
  • When out and about in the summer, remember that the medication needs to be kept in the most ideal condition possible, not left in direct sunlight at the top of an open bag!
  • Do not store open pipettes of spot-on flea treatments.  They should be used in full, in accordance with the prescription.
  • When travelling make sure that pet medication is clearly marked to avoid confusion with human medicines.

Remember, as always, to keep all medications well out of the reach of children and animals.

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